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Team Building Madrid

Come to Gran Paintball Madrid to spend an unforgettable day in the best Paintball field in Madrid!

We have the best equipment of any field in Spain; we have BRAVO ONE TACTICAL markers, real replicas of the M16, as well as electronic markers Tippmann X7 PHENOM, with air compressed system integrated into the belt, thermal double lens masks with anti-fogging, etc. Do not be fooled, if you really want to enjoy the best Paintball in Madrid, and with high class gear, call us or send us a WhatsApp and we will give you all the information without any commitment. All this, of course, within reach of any pocket!

Gran Paintball Madrid is only 25 minutes from Madrid on the A-6, with direct and easy access. And yet this is one of the few Paintball fields in Madrid with a completely natural environment: 150,000 m2 distributed in 9 huge fields (one of them the largest field in Spain, with more than two hectares) to enjoy an unforgettable day surrounded by nature, and one of the most beautiful environments in Madrid. In the best Paintball fields in Madrid you won’t find fields full of senseless obstacles, but you will be able to hide among the more than 400 trees, airplane, bus, boats, forts, tank, helicopter, and natural obstacles so that you really feel that you are in the middle of a battle!

Enjoy a day with your friends that we guarantee you won’t forget! Consult our offers, ask for our famous Super Barbecue, and ask for a personalized quote without any commitment.



We offer bachelor parties (with multiple surprises), sports and multi-adventure activities in Madrid (archery, gymkhanas, olympics), laughter therapy, as well as activities especially aimed at children.

Participate in our great Paintball and Airsoft wars in our fields of more than one hectare!

Are you a company? Increase the leadership and consolidate the teamwork of your workers through our skills development or Team Building. Ask us about the different company packages, and get your team to improve in strategy development, planning, results orientation and work and personal development.


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El Paintball is a team sport played outdoors or on themed stages, in which two teams shoot biodegradable paintballs with compressed air markers (paintball guns), equipped with camouflage suits, gloves, masks and vests to protect yourselves, and consists of reaching the opponents to eliminate them.

If the age of the participant is between 8 and 13 years old, he will play paintball for children. From the age of 14, you can play paintball for adults, which uses markers with compressed air.

In a Paintball session a multitude of short games are played, from 2 to 6 minutes, in different scenarios and with different objectives. You may have heard of familiar games like Capture the Flag, Eliminate the Captain, or Carry the Bomb. In our paintball fields we have invented dozens of new and original games that take this game to another level.

Paintball is not the same as Airsoft, though it looks like it. Especially in Gran Paintball Madrid, the only field that uses replicas of the M-16s with adjustable cylinder heads, scenarios with planes, tanks, or helicopters, and huge forests in which to hide and ambush the enemy.

This sport is practiced by clients and groups of friends who want to do a different activity, companies who want to do Team Building Madrid days, birthdays or celebrations, bachelor parties and Multiadventure activities.

Paintball is, in short, a team sport played outdoors, in which participants shoot paintballs with compressed air markers, and equipped with overalls, gloves, masks, belts and camouflage vests to protect themselves.

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We are the largest paintball in Spain, with 150,000 square meters of land and a field of more than 30,000 square meters.

Our markers (weapons) are all high-end, M-16 replicas with adjustable butt and polished barrel. We only use Bravo One Elite and X7-Phenom, the best markers that exist today. Look on the Internet at the huge difference between these weapons and those given in the rest of fields!

We have the best Paintball scenarios in Madrid. But don’t take our word on it, look at the opinions about us on the Internet to see for yourself! Airplane, helicopter, tank, missiles, military vehicles, bus, giant containers, boats, towers, forts, huge forests (ideal for hot days), and much more.

The equipment you will receive is unique and not offered by any other field of Paintball: we give all participants 100% camouflage equipment with anti-fog mask, suits with neck protection, gloves, vests, belts, armbands, and the latest technology in the world of Paintball: remote cable to connect the bottle of compressed air from the belt with the marker, making the equipment weigh much less and making the shots much more accurate.

In our Paintball in Madrid we never mix groups. This bad practice, which some fields do to make the games more profitable, can make you have a bad experience because you never know the type of person you are going to play with. It highly affects safety and fun.

You will have at least 1 professional instructor just for your group, who will guide you through the different scenarios and recommend the most fun games. If you’re 20 players, you’ll have 2 instructors.

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To reserve your game of Paintball you can do it in 3 ways:

1-Calling 636 475 305

2-Sending us a WhatsApp and we’ll call you back

3-Write us an email to info@granpaintballmadrid.es



We are located in the Sierra Norte of Madrid, 25 minutes from the center of Madrid, with direct access from the main road and public bus at the door.

The bus leaves from Moncloa and takes exactly 35 minutes to get there, and it drops you off exactly at the very door of our fields.

If you are coming from Madrid, follow these simple directions to get there:

1-Drive on the A-6 (4-lane motorway) and take exit 47 towards El Escorial.

2-Exit 47 takes you to the M-600. Exactly 5 kilometres away (kilometre point 5), where the traffic light, on the left hand side, is the entrance.

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