Why Us?


These are some of the reasons why we want you to share an unforgettable day in our Paintball fields!

If you’ve played paintball before, you’ll notice the difference, and if you’ve never played paintball you won’t want to go to anywhere  else:


  • Because we have the largest fields in Spain.
  • Because our weapons fire with the highest precision in the market, and they are all High performance gear (find out about the huge difference between the Bravo One Elite and X7-Phenom Markers that we use and those given to you in other fields of Paintball).
  • Because we are only 25 minutes from Madrid and the public transport leaves you at the door (the bus 664 that leaves from the Moncloa interchange drops you off exactly at the door of Gran Paintball Madrid in 35 minutes).
  • Because for the first time the bottle will not be connected to the weapon, but through a remote cable will be attached to the belt (lighter and greater precision).
  • Because all our suits, vests and belts are camouflage.
  • Because we give you everything: gloves, vests, belts, anti-fogging masks, remotes, camouflage suits and neck protectors.
  • Because we have 9 stages with airplanes, tanks, helicopters, military vehicles, towers, forts, forests, lagoons, buses, and hundreds of different obstacles.
  • Because we never mix groups, you’ll play alone with your friends.
  • Because you will have at least one instructor during the whole game just for your group.
  • Because you can adjust the butt to your liking.
  • Because if it rains we change the game to any other day you want in the next 365 days.
  • Because our games last up to 3 hours.
  • Because you’ll be carrying your individualized ball reloads on your belt so you can reload ammunition in full combat. As well as being fun, you won’t have to share boxes of balls with the other participants, which can cause problems because some take more balls than others, and in the end everyone pays the same. In Gran Paintball Madrid you only pay what you consume.
  • Because for a little more you can rent a gun that shoots 100 balls in 10 seconds.



These are some of the reasons why we want you to share an unforgettable day in our Paintball fields!

  • In Gran Paintball Madrid we have the best markers offered by any field in Madrid. Many Paintball fields say so, but in our case it’s true. We give you competition equipment, with semi-automatic markers (every time you pull the trigger a ball comes out) BRAVO ONE TACTICAL and ELITE, real replicas of the M16, as well as electronic markers Tippmann X7 PHENOM, with air compressed system integrated into the belt. Inform yourself and you will see the great difference between these markers and the typical Inferno, Tippmann 98, etc. offered by other Paintball fields or multi-adventure companies in Madrid.
  •  Our courses are designed in a completely natural environment, protected by its high landscape and ecological value, and framed in the fence of Felipe II. We assure you that you will not find any other Paintball in Madrid in such a beautiful place, with so many trees, and with completely spectacular views!Vehículo Paintball
  •  We are only 25 minutes from Madrid (on the A-6, which has 4 lanes), with quick and easy access.
  • We have the best offers, and according to your needs and those of your friends, we personalize them.
  •   We customize the barbecues! For the same price you can choose between the Super Barbecue, or one adapted to what you want to eat.
  •   We have 9 huge stages (one of them the biggest in Spain), completely integrated in nature, and in an area of 150.000 m2
  •  The service you will receive is not given by any Paintball in Madrid. Our obsession is that you enjoy a day that you will not forget in your lives!
  •  You’ll have an instructor just for your group. If you’re 20 or more, you’ll have 2 instructors. If you’re 30 or more, you’ll have 3 instructors.
  •  We stand out for having revolutionized Paintball with unique and original games.
  •  We make you a souvenir photographic report that the instructors will make while you play.
  •  You can hide in super real scenarios that include a real Spanish army plane, tanks, helicopters, military vehicles, forts and towers to annihilate your enemy.


Jugador de paintball saltando por encima de un obstáculo en uno de nuestros campos